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NAILS at Simply Stunning

Choose from our range of expert treatments to complement your hands.

Vinylux® Polish Treatments

Beautiful nails in a range of vibrant colours

We offer a selection of beautiful, eye-catching colours as part of our range of Vinylux® treatments. Enjoy a look to match the seasons, or stay in tune with your favourite outfits for work, socialising or that special occasion.

Gel Treatments

Longer lasting Gel coating for chip resistance

Gel polish offers an improved performance, and when applied by a qualified technician can extend the life of your nail treatment, producing a high polish along with improved resistance to cracking, peeling and chipping.

CND Shellac

CND Shellac® Treatments

The ultimate polish for looking good longer

The CND Shellac® 14+ colour system provides the ultimate shine with long lasting chip resistance. Only nail technicians who have qualified through the CND University educational programme are authorised and trained to access and use this revolutionary nail product, regarded as the Gold Standard of nail care. 

Vinylux® Treatments

The Vinylux® weekly polish system is a two-part treatment available in a range of colours to suit your mood, personality and style. Its durability means it's best suited to make your nails look good for parties, special events, or when you are changing colour or having your varnish re-applied weekly.

Our treatments using Vinylux® are great value for money, and allow you to change your colour frequently for the least cost.

The durability of Vinylux® can depend on what your nails come into contact with. CND claims that the revolutionary formula, introduced in May 2013, yields seven day chip free wear.

Gel Treatments

Gel is a different kind of nail polish. It's a polymer, avalable in a range of attractive colours, which has a greater resistance to damage.

Gel is applied to your nails in a similar way to basic Polish. However, unlike Polish, Gel won't dry by itself. The coating must be cured under an ultraviolet lamp. Because of its improved durability, a Gel coat is removed in a special process which ensures your nails are cared for..

When it is properly applied and cared for, Gel polish can last up to two weeks, making your nails look beautiful for longer.

CND Shellac® Treatments

Shellac® is a registered trademark of the Creative Nail Design Company. Similar to a Gel, it needs to be cured by an Ultraviolet light source.

CND Shellac® was developed over a nearly five year period and introduced to the market in 2010. Combining the best features of a Gel and a Polish, the three part CND Shellac® brand 14+ nail colour system is regarded as the Gold Standard of nail treatments. 

CND only allows its Shellac® 14+ colour system to be used by technicians who have attended a CND University training course. Because of this you can be assured that your nails are being properly cared for by a therapist who has a full and expert understanding of the CND Shellac® 14+ colour system, allowing you to look your best for longer.